Thursday, October 29

October 28, 2009 - The Black Dog

Some days the alarm clock chimes and I cover my body with the blanket. "No need to get up. It's too early." Eventually, the dogs nose pokes me and he says; "Get the ^%&& up!"

I make my way to the door to let the dogs out and ever so slowly the day begins, but some days the routine is altered. Hiding in bed seems like the best thing to do. If I do make it out of bed the radio makes me cry on the way to work. Sometimes, the irritation of being amongst people overwhelms my senses. Granted, I do not have as many of these days as in the past, but occasionally the "Black Dog", as Churchill called it, comes for a visit.

For those that truly understand, it is more than just being lazy for a day or tired. There are other symptoms that you notice, but try to combat before they get out of hand (e.g. convinced that your sister has just been in a fire-y crash and you will have to figure out where to bury her (grin)).

For the past 18 months, many times the symptoms were caught early and the physiology changed. All of the symptoms are helped by eating right, exercising, and of course taking Vitamin D and loads of fish oil.

The Black Dog is a formidable foe that Kristi's Army is determined to combat even when I have difficulty with the fight myself. For that, I thank all of them.

Til Next Week and a Better Mood,
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