Monday, May 24

May 24, 2010 - Censored

Hello All,

Well, it has finally happened. I was censored, repressed, but above all stifled. PT Bruiser has put a gag order on the truth and my creative genius. It is all because SHE did something rather silly when we were exercising at the gym.

I did reminder her that the blog is not about HER it is about ME and my adventure at trying to be healthy, she did not go for the explanation.

You see, SHE only wants me to write nice things about her. She is forgetting that bad press is better than no press at all.

Now, I do agree sometimes I need to be censored, but the self-edit button in my head will just not activate!

I provide you with the following two examples from this past week.

Example #1
Recently, I was stopped by the handy-dandy neighborhood Sheriff Deputy a half mile from my house. My offense was that I did not come to a complete stop at a stop sign where I turned right.

After Mr. Officer informed me of the reason for stopping me, I proceeded to tell him; “I don’t think I have EVER stopped there in my life.” Fortunately, I just got a warning ticket. It helps to appear innocent and flip your hair.

Example #2
I was discussing with Dr. Pita some plans regarding his impending move and my switching of physicians. The snarky fear-filled remark to what he said was; “Eh. You are dead to me now anyway.” The self-edit button should have clicked in before I said that quip. The comment came back to haunt me when I needed his help later. (sigh)

Moral of the Story
I apparently need to have a seven-second delay somewhere between my head and my mouth.  LOL
Til Wednesday,
P.S. I was the EXACT same weight as last time I got weighed. THIS is priceless.
P.P.S. While typing this entry I got a survey call about my Dr. Pita visit that was on my much fodder for the blog on Wednesday.

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