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June 3, 2010 - Dr. Pins and Needles Referral

Hello All,

I have a funny story to share.

My friend "Portia" is having a bit of trouble with her hip.  She attended Physical Therapy and it still did not get better. Eventually, she decided to try the services of Dr. Pins and Needles.

As you all know, I was quite skeptical of acupuncture until I tried it. Now I believe that it works not only for pain, but for moodiness as well. I am still not sure what Portia believes, but here is the conversation (as best I remember it) that we had immediately after her appointment.

Portia: "I told Dr. Pins and Needles that you would call me when I am done."
Me; "Well, yeah"
Portia; "He gave me a hickey."
Me; "He gave you a what?!?"
Portia; "A hickey."
Me; "???"
Portia; "He put suction cups on my neck and down my back. Now I have a hickey."
Me; "Ohhhhh...that will probably go away by tomorrow."
Portia; "He says it is toxins, not a bruise."
Me; "It does go away very quickly."
Portia; "He said I am irritable.  Do YOU think I am IRRITABLE?!?"
~~~tick, tock, tick, tock, and the sound of crickets~~~
Me; "Ummmmm, No?"
Portia; "Are you saying I am irritable?"
Me; "No. I know people who are really irritable"
Portia; "Well, I am not telling my husband because he will agree with him."
Me; "Probably"
Portia; "Hmmmm...he mentioned that you have great energy because you feel the needles. I didn't feel the "energy"."
Me; "You mean to tell me that you did not feel that zip of "electricity" when he stuck the needles in certain points?"
Portia; "No."
Me Thinking; "I must Google tonight and find out if irritable people can feel their 'Chi'."

Til Later,
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