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June 19, 2010 - Kung Fu Quotes Irritate Me When I Am Cranky

Good Evening All,

For some unknown reason, I have been in a prolonged funk for about 2 months. I am sure it has absolutely nothing to do with the my lifestyle coach/physician/health mentor/weight loss doc/sometimes buddy moving across country (sigh).  Anyhooo....I have a plan in place that I actually am quite excited about starting.

I am going to start training to racewalk a 5K, which in someways is similar to training to RUN a 5K. I purchased Groupons for a Boot Camp and a Yoga class. I am also meeting with the lifestyle folks at my new Doctors office next week.

Earlier this week, I had my second to last appointment with Dr. Pita.  He mentioned that I have a hard time being complacent. YOU THINK?!?!?!  Of course, anything worth doing is worth doing RIGHT. Sheesh...he did have a good point. I beat myself up a lot if I do not believe I am giving it my all.  This has made my summer funk even worse. Personally, what I am learning is how to deal with these funks and learn that being complacent is perfectly normal as long as it does not turn into a reversal.

I asked what are some of the things that I need to do to keep going.  He gave some good advice that I wrote down on a card that I will share in my next post.

Well, here is where the appointment went EXTREMELY wrong.....

Dr.Pita; "When is your next appointment with 'New Doctor'"?
Me; "Three weeks."
Dr. Pita; "If he wants to be a member of your posse you need to go every two weeks."
Me Thinking; "Please don't start. I can't take it. I already do not want to go back.  I was so upset after my last visit."
Me: "OK"

After the appointment, for the next several hours, I was very disheartened. I started thinking my new posse is not going to be near as helpful as my existing and I got very, very sad.  I do not expect anyone to understand, as very few do, but it is not the weight loss that concerns me it is all the other "stuff" that goes on that I need to keep under control.

Soo...I sent a message to Dr. Pita...(edited to fit in the time allowed)

Me; "Do you know anyone else I can see if my new posse does not work out?"
Pita; "Grasshopper, Teachers appear when the student is ready."
Me Thinking; "SERIOUSLY?!?!?  SERIOUSLY?!?!?! You are using Kung Fu?!?! Are you high?!?! Sooo...not in the mood for this crap right now. PAY ATTENTION. I am in a PANIC!"
Me; "I take that as a no."
(hidden message was "bite me")
Pita; "I recommend (censored for privacy)."
Me Thinking; "Better. Sheesh...Hmmmm....since I was being bitchy I will play along with the 'grasshopper' thing'"
Me; "Master, This Grasshopper will fly. Just need to insure there are some leaves on which to recuperate and gather nourishment, as the journey has only just begun...."
Pita; "Exactly!"
Me Thinking; "Hmph! That was one of the most creative sentences ever! Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Dr. Pins and Needles will like it."


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