Wednesday, June 30

June 30, 2010 - Quick Update


No worries.  I just have not felt like writing the past 10 days.  That happens....

1) Today I decided to stick with the Weight Loss Clinic where I was seeing Dr. Pita (today was my last visit).  Primarily, because the clinic does support lifestyle changes not just weight loss. This is what I am more interested in at this time. I saw the new doctor at another place and do not believe he listened to me when I was mentioning how much I currently workout and the diet plan did not include foods that I felt were necessary for some of my individual needs.  It also dawned on me that I need to keep some of my posse the same.  I will see the other doctor in a month.
2) Still sad about Dr. Pita heading to bigger and better things, but a doctor-patient relationship is like any other relationship when they change it is difficult. Especially, when the physician has helped you more than any other.
3) My current fitness goal is to get back to doing the 12 week better body workout and train for a racewalk event.

Stay tuned....this  "living a healthy lifestyle experiment" is STILL just getting started.

Til Next Week,

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