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October 7, 2010 - Boot Camp-What Not To Do

Hello All,

I know, I know 2 postings this week. What a shock, but I could not pass up the opportunity to describe the first night of Boot Camp.

As I mentioned in the past, I love Groupons. One of the reason I like Groupons is that you can try new experiences and restaurants at a fraction of the cost. Normally the savings on the services range anywhere from 55-75 percent.

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Recently, tAmMY and I purchased a Groupon for a local business that offers a twice a week Boot Camp. Originally, tAmMY wanted to do the Boot Camp in August. My Guardian Angel was looking down upon me and made sure we did not attend until the weather got cooler in October. This week I started the Boot Camp.

Well, before I started Boot Camp I attended an assessment. I passed the assessment with flying colors. Sure, she gave a meal plan, but she was happy about my strength and conditioning when I told her everything that I was doing.

Earlier this week, I had a stomach illness. I am not sure if I had something that was being passed around at work, if it was hormones, or if it was something I ate. I was originally to attend on Tuesday, but called and said I would attend on Wednesday instead.

So, even though I was a bit shaky I attended Boot Camp, but I must admit I was not feeling the best, but I did manage to eat something a couple hours before the class. The class was on the steps of the War Memorial in downtown Indianapolis.

I wore my Heart Rate monitor.

On the way to where everyone was assembled I was warned by my Heart Rate monitor that exercising was a bad idea when it beeped that I was in a Moderate Workout Zone. I was strolling! Five minutes into the class the monitor beeped that I was in Vigorous Workout Zone. Ten minutes into class the monitor beeped that I was passing the “suggested” Heart Rate. Fifteen minutes into the class I “tossed my cookies”, “puked”, “blew chunks.” I considered dropping dead right there, but I did not want to traumatize tAmMY, plus my Sister has plans this weekend and she would be mad if she missed them because I “kicked the bucket” and caused her to miss the Flyball Tournament (in reality, she would miss my funeral to attend the NAFA tournament).

As I was hurling everything I ate on Wednesday over the side of the railing, these were the irrational and illogical thoughts coursing through the synapses of my mind.

“My Heart Rate Monitor says I have burned 300 calories at this point. I just lost whatever calories I ate today. I am waaaaay ahead on calories burned for the day!”

“Sheesh…I am like the contestants during the first week on the Biggest Loser.”

However, the following thought is what got me back in the game...

“Well, in College I could vomit during a drinking binge and get back to drinking. At 40 I should be able to vomit while exercising and get back to the circuit!”

So, I went back to it. I impressed myself. Granted, I was smarter the second half of the class and took it easy, but I did finish by burning over 600 calories. Just think if I lost 1,150 getting sick I am down a half pound!!!

As for tAmMY, I hate her. Her hair was still perfect when we left.

Til Next Week,


P.S. Okay, I don’t REALLY hate tAmMY, but I needed a punch line and she can take it. LOL

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