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October 6, 2010 - Combatting Allergies


I have absolutely no creative bone in my body right now, but hopefully you will find this story amusing.

This year my allergies are off the chart!  Normally, I can suffer through a week of some sniffles and swollen eyelids. This year my symptoms were unbearable!  So, I looked online at a certain Integrative Health Physician's web site and found his views were to teach the immune system to unlearn it's "pointless habit" of being bothered by seasonal irritants.

Note: The snarky person in me thinks this is all well and good to say if you live in a state like Arizona. Sheesh.

Since I did not have a lot of time to teach my immune system to unlearn it's automatic response. I wrote a letter.

Dear Immune System,

Cease and desist in your efforts to cause me to be unable to see and unable to breathe.

The rest of the body

Of course, my mandate did not work. I had to pull out the big guns. I had to contact Dr. Pins and Needles.

Of course, Dr. Pins and Needles was extremely excited to see him since I was absent from his life for a couple of months. I did not visit in the past 2 months because I was in too much of a funk. It is sort of a Catch-22 you have to feel like feeling better to feel better. (sigh)  You also have to feel like driving 45 minutes there and back.

Dr. Pins and Needles starts placing needles everywhere.  I had needles right next to my eyeballs, at my nostrils, and across my forehead.  He then tells me Portia is in the other room and mentioned to him that I have not been doing that well. So...he starts placing needles in new places based on PORTIA'S comments.




My season allergies are healed, but now my body has a response to Portia going to the same Acupuncturist.

Til Next Week,

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