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May 16, 2009 - Transition

Hello All,

I know, I know....I normally try to post every Wednesday, but I have an excuse!!! I am still sick! After two rounds of antibiotics I am hoping these germs will go away! Want to knw the best part?!?! I actually have been antsy to workout. HA! I am taking it easy through Sunday to see if that will help.

This weekend I am making several changes to the blog to show my new goals. This post is dedicated to archiving the information that was located on the side panels. So, for my avid blog readers I you may want to stop reading here .

I promise to have a new and exciting story posted before Wednesday to make up for the absence of a post this week (maybe tomorrow?).

How it All Began

It began as a challenge with the following message sent to friends and posted on the blog.

I am determined to get in better physical shape over the next couple of years. In order to help me accomplish this goal I have decided to get fit for charity. My goal is to walk in the Indy 500 Mini Marathon in May 2009. I NEED YOUR HELP TO ACCOMPLISH MY GOAL.

In order to motivate myself I decided that if I can get my friends and other interested people to agree to donate to the charity of their choice; I will have a goal to attain.

Here is the challenge. Pick a charity and tell me the name and how much you are going to donate to it. After I complete the Mini Marathon you will make your donation. If due to act of God, or injury, I cannot walk in the Mini Marathon I will walk in a comparable Mini Marathon at a later date. So....if you are going to donate to a charity next year ANYWAY, or will do it when I finish the mini marathon, complete the form by telling me which charity and how much you will donate.

How it All Came Out


The following were my Stats up to that point.
Pounds Lost: 67
Stones Lost: Amost 5
BMI: 10 point drop
Fat Lost: 53.0
Body Fat Loss In Percentage Points: 12
Percent of Original Weight Lost: 22%
Sizes: 6
Miles Walked in Preparation: 150.00+

Charities Receiving Donations
Pledge List
Original Goal: 1300
Total: 1938

Arthritis Foundation: 25
Pulmonary Hypertension: 25
Golden Retriever Rescue: 100
Riley Children's Hospital: 50
American Red Cross: 131
Farm Aid: 100
Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure: 100
LH Susan G. Komen: 25
Safe Haven of Iowa County: 100
Fund for International Service Learning: 100
United Christmas Service: 100
Quinn Indy Homes for Huskies: 50
Paws Chicago: 100
Caring Place of Calvary Temple: 100
JM Undecided: 100
Open Door Health Clinic: 100
Operation Smile: 132 (note he did this to top his wife by 1 dollar)
Leukemia Lymphoma Society: 25
Juvenile Diabetes: 250
Sister's Indy Homes for Huskies: 100
CG Undecided: 100
KC Riley Hospital: 25

Stay tuned until Wednesday when I share my Elite Athlete Award!

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