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May 20, 2009 - My Beating Heart

Hello All,

I hope you like the new format and look to the blog. I have a few things I am going to add over the next couple of weeks, but this will be the format for the next few months until I get bored with it!

Remember that I wrote about the Polar Body Watch? Well, the Polar Watch is going to be the focus of my next exercise goal. Since the watch tracks how many calories you burn while exercising I will find out exactly how many calories I am burning.

The technology calls for me to wear a heart-rate monitor around my chest and there are several different "programs" on the watch to prompt me to "pick-it-up" a bit when exercising.
The first week of wearing the watch I decided to have the watch beep when I was dropping below the required heart rate. How annoying! It was beeping at me ALL THE TIME!


One day I am strolling through town and see MY FUTURE HUSBAND. (Sidebar: He does not KNOW he is MY FUTURE HUSBAND that is just what I call him. He is MY FUTURE HUSBAND because he can fix things (e.g. plumbing, cars, windows, etc.). What more can a gal want? Unfortunately, he has a girlfriend. My sister and I refer to her as THE OBSTACLE. No worries, they are not getting married. We also consider her, putting it non-politely, "white trash". Yes, we are evil.) MY FUTURE HUSBAND was speaking to another friend of ours so I nonchalantly sashayed over to the two men. My Polar Watch announcing my arrival by beeping as I approached due to the drop in activity (I had to slow down and make an "entrance").

I spoke to the two men for several minutes. I was sure to suck my belly in and pull in my shirt enough to show my reappearing curves (a girl's gotta work it!). Several hair flips later, I proceeded on my walk. As I get about 20 feet away, the Polar Watch starts to beep again. My watch was quiet while I was speaking to the men.

Yes, that is right, the ENTIRE TIME I was speaking to MY FUTURE HUSBAND my heart rate was at moderate exercise intensity (about 130 beats a minute)!!

Now we know who/how I can get my heart rate up!!!!

Til Next Week,

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