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May 6, 2009 - Marathon Recap Part 1 of 3

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With much anticipation I looked forward to the day of the Mini Marathon. I am not overstating when I write that this event was one of the most important in my life. It was without a doubt. To me, the marathon was a culmination of taking control of my physical, mental, and spiritual well being.

It was about 14 months ago, I told myself; “Hey, you need to do something to feel better physically, etc. Your quality of life is suffering. Your knee hurts all the time. You cry all the time. You are sick all the time. You are just not healthy.” After much thought I decided that there is no reason that I should not be able to walk 13.1 miles. It was that day I sent out an e-mail asking some of my friends to support me by agreeing to donate to a charity of their choice if I complete the Mini Marathon. The response was immediate.

I did not tell anyone at first that my plan to accomplish this goal was to first start to lose weight. I knew I would have to, but I wanted to get my “ducks-in-a-row” first. I decided I needed help. As my faithful blog readers know, I sought the help of professionals, and still do.

As my blog documents, I have come a long way. I have a long way to go, a lifelong journey that seems overwhelming at times, but I am in it for the long haul. No one ever said life was going to be easy. Everything in my blog documents most of my healthy lifestyle trials, errors, and successes leading up to May 2nd.

There was not any point after I did the Bricks to Bricks 10 Miler that I thought I would not complete the Mini Marathon. I was doing it and “that-was-that.”

The day of the Mini Marathon was beautiful. I think that most of the participants believed that the day could not have been more perfect. It was cool and the sun was not beating down on us with mind-numbing heat rays.

I could bore you with all 13.1 miles of the race, but I am not going to, but I do offer some highlights.

*I did not cross the start line until 43 minutes after the gun. There were over 35,000 participants!
*My walking partners caught up to me at about ½ mile because we could not find each other before the start of the race.
*I really don’t remember the miles “going by”. I was shooting for the finish! I was focused!
*I started limping due to a bit of knee trouble on the track at about mile 8.
*I was emotional for a lot of it, because I realized I was completing it (I am getting misty as I type this)! There is nooooooooooooo way I could have completed it a year ago!
*Along the side of the course there are people with cowbells cheering you on as you run/walk.
*In a crowd of 35,000 stories there are 35,000 different reasons why people compete in these events. All stories are compelling.

*It was surreal when I crossed the finish line. I do not know if I was in shock, tired, or just overwhelmed by it all.

Since this story is a long one, I am going to complete it over the next couple of days and I have several pictures to share.

Til Tomorrow or Later Today,

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