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July 15, 2009 - Seeking Praise

Hello All!

I hope everyone is having a good week!

I am typing this early, so the post might actually hit the blog before Wednesday. I do not have a Dr. appointment tomorrow, but I do plan on getting weighed tomorrow because I am hoping to be down 75 pounds. We shall see in the morning! Once I am back at a computer after my visit I will update the stats on the blog.

Last week I had an appointment with Dr. Pita. While it is never a dull moment at the clinic, last week was especially exciting because I got my fasting blood test results. Well, Dr. Pita was quite happy with my results.

Which is good because if he is not happy with you then he grumbles. If I want to hear grumbling I have many other places I can go and it does not cost me any money!

I digress...

We reviewed the results and sure enough they were really good especially as compared to when I first went to the clinic 15 months ago! I do not want to bore you with the specifics, but we all hear about watching our insulin levels, glucose levels, cholesterol, etc. My numbers were all in the "make your doctor happy zone." Very exciting.

The only number I noticed on the paper that was high was my bad cholesterol. However, it was a lot better than when I first started at the clinic. Dr. Pita informed me that my good cholesterol was really good, so I needed think of it more as a total of the two numbers. I thought; "Okay, my cholesterol is GREAT!"

Getting the excellent test results was confirmation of how my lifestyle has truly changed my body. I feel better primarily because my body is working better! I still have a long way to go, but I am definitely a healthier person.

Dr. Pita babbled on about a few more topics before I left the appointment. It was at that point I was trying to decide who to call. No one REALLY cares about your test results but yourself and your employer who is paying your health insurance.

I shared with my employer. I got a "high five." Woo hoo! I thought to myself; "I must share with more people."

I shared with my Sister. She said; "That's nice." Hmmmm...never know how to take that one. I am relatively certain that she was happy for me, but she has made the comment; "..my sister loves her watch and annoyingly tells me every single, flipping calorie that she burns a day" on her blog.

Well, I decided to tell the woman who gave birth to me. How could I go wrong telling my mother? She listened politely to my results and said; "Those are good numbers, but you know the depression episodes will never go away." Hmph! Wonder who I get those from...hmmm?

Finally, I realized the one person who I REALLY needed to tell was my FATHER. He is always proud of whatever I do and sometimes even might say it! He also LOVES looking at health related things.

I think my father might have every copy of the Physicians Desk Reference published and a few other medical books. Physicians love him! He does everything they say and occassionally will have a weird ailment that they can write about in medical journals.

Again, I digress...

I took my paper of test results to him and started to share. My father turned to his dresser and pulled out AT LEAST 10 YEARS of his own blood test results. Yes, he started comparing my results to his.

While he was doing this I tweeted; "Trying to figure out who won the Best Blood Test Results. My 84 year old walking-pharmaceutical-experiment father or me."

He continued through the results for several minutes mentioning different particulars and finally pointed at my bad cholesterol number and stated; "My cholesterol was lower than that when I had my first heart attack."

Til Next Week,

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