Wednesday, July 22

July 22, 2009 - Short Post


I do not have much to say this week. I have an appointment with the doctor in a few hours, but since it is an afternoon appointment I will not be down any weight. I ALWAYS weigh 2-4 pounds more in the afternoon.

Here is what is on my mind this week...

I decided Dr. Pita has a pretty good gig when he is doing his Weight Loss Physician work (he does other things, too).

If you do well and lose a lot of weight...he can take credit (even though the patient does all the work).

If you do not do well...he can blame you for not doing what he says.

Sounds like a good gig.

On second thought, PT Bruiser has a good gig, too!

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Erica Mitchell said...

Yep, I totally agree. Good gig at it's best! (But, you are a good student....little sis!)