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September 16, 2009 - I Walk Because I Can

Hello Everyone,

I do not think I have any funny stories to share this week. Of course, I am going to see Dr. Pins and Needles my long time blog readers know my experiences with acupuncture can provide quite a bit of fodder.

Well, I started training for the Half Marathon coming up in February. Since my plan is to train differently I am adding in additional strength and stretching sessions to succeed. PT Bruiser will absolutely be watching my every move during this round of training!

Now, Dr. Pins and Needles is on board as well. He is ready with the long needles if I manage to pull the wrong muscles or cause myself some undo pain.

Of course, I am sure Dr. Pita will always have his two cents during the training. I am starting to think I have allowed his opinion to have a wheeeee bit too much influence in my life. Ah, well. He is "Big Brother." I also feel better, have lost weight, and have some of my "zest for life" back!

My long-time blog readers know that in order to complete the Half Marathon the first time, I solicited and received pledges for the charity of the donor's choice. A lot of what kept me at the training plan and fueled my dedication was the fact I was doing it for someone other than myself. Someone or some organization was going to get a charitable donation because of me crossing the finish line.

Well, it still is just as important for me to work hard at my training and complete the half marathon, but I do not feel that I NEED to cross. When I walked the first time, I absolutely without a doubt had to cross that finish line. I had worked so hard to accomplish what I did that not crossing would have probably devastated me. Thankfully, with all the tenacity I could muster, I crossed.

This past weekend, I was again given a wakeup call and reminded how fragile we all are. I will now complete half marathons because I can. Many people cannot perform in endurance races because they truly cannot and no matter how are they were to try would not be able to..given the hand that God has given them. It is for these people that I will walk.
I will walk because I CAN!

I will walk for:
-Those that arthritis is trying to overtake their bodies, but they continue on and show me what truely living is all about.

-Those that suffer from neurological disorders, but keep their true spirit and zest for life.

-Those that do not have shoes, but walk miles every day because they have to in order to meet life's necessities.

-Those who have such flat feet that every step causes considerable pain.

-Those that deserve medals, not because they completed a run/walk event, but because they used a different kind of mettle to fight for their lives.

-Those that just cannot do it no matter how hard they would try.

-Those that may not have been as truly blessed as much as me.

Here are some organizations that you should feel free to check out.
Changing Footprints

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