Wednesday, September 23

September 23, 2009 - 75 and Counting....

Hello All,

Finally, I hit the next milestone....I have now lost 75 pounds. Woo hoo!!!

Before I went today, I knew that I was going to reach the magical number, but I did hold my breath when the scale was calculating. It registered RIGHT ON 75 pounds. Good thing I did not drink or eat anything before my appointment !

The appointment was relatively uneventful. Well, with the exception of when I decided that instead of playing with the rolling chair while waiting on the doctor, I would play "drums" on the counter and windowsill. I had quite the routine going until it was ruined by the entrance of Mr. ICanWeartheSamePantsIWoreInHighSchool (aka Dr. Pita).

Let's see...

I was asked if I had started training. Yes, I have, thank you very much. I even have a plethora of people that might be going with me when I walk the half marathon in New Orleans.

I was asked if I had gone to get a new knee brace. No, I will make that appointment, but that would require going to see Family Doc who is then going to make me do all my yearly tests, too. Ugh! I also do not feel like having my knee touched right now, unless of course Future Husband wanted to touch it then that would be a DIFFERENT story (future husband info here).

I was informed that I was in an entirely different mood than last time. Yes, I am. Grrr. Don't start something with me today. I like this mood...trying to keep it.

Then I saw Salmonella Sally (Salmonella Sally info here)...

In a nutshell, I am still not doing well at refusing the high fat foods for breakfast, primarily. SOOOO...this is the goal that I am going to tell you all about and report back next week.


We will see if this keeps me from swinging by for fast food in the morning on the way to work. I also am going to keep some sandwiches at work for when I have my evening activities so that I can put them in my purse to eat later.
Note: I do believe the young man at McDonald's might miss me. We have developed such a friendship. Of course, I am not sure he is old enough to work there. He appears to be 12 years old.

In other news...

I am about to embarrass myself. I need new pants. Today I spent most of the day trying to keep these pants above my hips. Fortunately, my friend at work said she was not embarrassed to walk down the street with me! Thankfully!

I am about to enter a new phase in my stone collection (click here for more information). Apparently, now I will get a "jewel" for each pound lost. I will be sure to post a picture when I get my first one!

Remember the puzzle ring I bought last fall? It was tight. Well, either I am able to stretch silver or I have even lost weight in my fingers. Now, my rings do not fit.
Off to find a man to buy me a ring...

Til Next Week,

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