Wednesday, October 21

October 21, 2009 - Calvin-2 vs. Me-0

Hi All,

I am not really in the mood to blog today, but it is Wednesday and I must. I have a lot going on right now in my head that I really do not want to "talk" about at this time (if ever). I will resolve it soon.

I did see Dr. Pita today and I was up a half pound, but do not worry folks, I was actually down 1.5 pounds of fat. I have some excess "water" due to an extremely swollen knee.

It all started Thursday. I mentioned to PT Bruiser that I needed to stretch my leg out some more after doing some strength training, but I did not think anything more about it until later in the evening.

Later that evening Calvin walked by me and "ouch!" My knee cap dislocated INWARD. It had NEVER done that. After much wallowing on the ground and a brief stint of tears' (after the pain subsided) I got up.

I will be going to Physical Therapy for a week or two to get some exercises to work on with PT Bruiser. Dr. Pita insists on some new knee braces, so I will get those too. I also will start back in with the Marathon Training here in about 10 days.

Poor Calvin, this isn't the first time he got the blame for my poor left knee.

Last winter Calvin plowed into me in an agility trial because I was standing in the wrong place. I went down and HARD. Of course, like a good dog, he proceeded to bark at the judge until my Sister walked him off the course.

Later Calvin decided to show his displeasure/nervousness/etc. at the day's events by going "Number 2" right before she finished a perfect Agility run with him. Sister then ran another course with him later and...he had to "Number 2" AGAIN.

That's my boy...

Til Next Week,
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