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September 30, 2009 - Work Continues

Note: The photo is of my dog Calvin. Yes, I know it is blurry. However, per usual, I could not get him to sit still very long when trying to take his picture.

Hello All,

I had an appointment with Miss Tappity Tap earlier today. We discussed the same-old-same old, then she asked me; "What is it that we need to work on?" I had an immediate answer; "Binge eating or emotional eating. Are they the same? I do not know, but I have a problem with it!"

As you all know, I have struggled most of the summer. It is not that I have not lost weight, I have. The weight loss is not as quick, but that is not the problem. I am not eating as well nor am I remembering to take all my supplements, working out as hard, or journaling what I eat as much.

To be fair to myself I am doing better than I did 18 months prior, but I can do better. It is not that I am disappointed in the daily struggles, but sometimes it seems very overwhelming to think that I have to do all of this for the rest of my life. Then I get even MORE upset with myself when I think about the fact that other people have greater problems than me.

Of course, chastising myself does not help matters in the least. Sometimes I hear Dr. Pita in my head; "You need to change your physiology to change the chemicals in your brain."

I proved that I can lose weight. I just need to keep going with a healthier lifestyle. It is important to note that I am not on some huge calorie deficit to lose this weight. I am eating as if I weighed in the BMI I am supposed to, and was somewhat physically fit. Therefore, I am striving to eat and exercise in healthy zones.

I signed up for an Emotional Eating class. As much as I despise groups (especially groups with whiny women), I agreed to give it a go. However, the first woman that blames the "snack table" at work will get an earful from me.

When you have years of bad habits to correct, it can all sometimes be exhausting. Or maybe it is just the change in weather.

Til Next Week,

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