Thursday, March 3

March 3, 2011 - Leg Bridges

Hello All,

This week was first week of Boot Camp 4 times a week. In addition, I had Personal Training with PT Bruiser twice this week. this morning I had attended Boot Camp 3 times and had 1 personal training session. I was tired.  Exhausted enough to e-mail Tabata Tod that I would not be joining class in the morning, but would attend the evening class instead.

All day I prayed to the exercise gods that I would not have to do leg bridges. My hamstrings were killing me. Anything but leg bridges would be okay with me. Fortunately, PT Bruiser let me get by with a stretching session in anticipation that I would get my butt kicked at Boot Camp.

On the drive to Indy Boot Camps I kept praying to the exercise gods. I even made a deal that I would do ANYTHING not to do leg bridges. I would be good. I would not talk trash to Tabata Tod. I would work really hard at everything else. I begged for NO LEG BRIDGES! I was willing to take ANYTHING, but leg bridges.

I kicked patootie in class.
  • My Around the Worlds on the BOSU Ball were superb. I had air and speed as I hopped up and down.
  • For the first time I actually trusted my partner enough on the Partner Leg Presses that I had fun.
  • My hand/eye coordination was excellent doing Donkey Kicks. My partner would tap that medicine ball and I was catching it one handed several times.
  • I even got a compliment from another Boot Camper regarding my group sit ups!
I was a Boot Camp Goddess!

On the way home I rehashed in my head how wonderful I was in class. Patting myself on the back so much that my arm started to hurt. I was even celebrating that my mental telepathy with Tabata Tod worked. NO LEG BRIDGES were performed!

Until the exercise gods reminded me of my deal...


My back left tire blew out on the interstate.

Eh was a small price to pay for NO LEG BRIDGES!

Have a great weekend,

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