Tuesday, March 15

March 15, 2011 - To My Fellow Morning Boot Campers

Dear Fellow Boot Campers;

I miss you.

Lately in Boot Camp I have been alone with Tabata Tod waaaaaaay too much. While I enjoy the personal attention, we are at a point that he has to go mute so as not to say anything that will get him smacked with a kettlebell.  It is imperative that my fellow Boot Campers return to class before Tabata Tod suffers a concussion.

Remember at the beginning of the year when we were all energetic about starting the year off right?   Let's pretend Wednesday March 16th is a new year and relive that enthusiasm.

Remember the fun we have starting the day off with pull-ups on the bar?   Just think how much easier it is to do a pull-up after this short time. Let's see if it can get even easier.

Remember the battling ropes? We can make it wave all the way down to our partners. Now we have a new move to try.  Come back to class and let's practice flicking the rope with our wrists.

Remember the commitment you made to yourself when you signed up for class?  Do not let yourself down!

Remember the Buddy Systems?  They are no fun without a buddy.

Remember handing over that check to Tod?  Don't make a donation.  Make Tod earn that money!

Above all, you owe it to society to come back to class. Tabata Tod and I are currently plotting our takeover of the world. You really do not want to live in a society where you have to do Tabatas to get a beer do you?

Hope to see y'all Wednesday.  Tod, the Bobs, and I miss you!

Forlorn but Hopeful,

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