Tuesday, March 22

March 22, 2011 - Mayorship!

Hello All,

I have some very exciting news! I am now Mayor of Indy Boot Camps-Eagle Creek. The approximately 1000 square foot domain is now under my complete control (in my own mind) from 6:00 AM-7:00 AM, Monday through Thursday.  I now have governmental control over 12 stability balls, 15 exercise mats, 8 Lebert equalizers and Buddy Systems, several exercise bands, and tons of dumbbells and kettlebells. I also have 3 battling ropes!  In addition, I have contracted security forces from "The Bobs" (see photo)  that are part of the Karate center staff.

I plan on being a benevolent Mayor, but have several declarations that are now in effect.

I declare...
  • Only 6 rounds of Leg Bridges are allowed per Boot Camp session.
  • Medicine Ball Catches will be performed at all sessions until I consistently catch the ball.
  • Running is not necessary, nor encouraged. As Dr. Pita said; "You only need to run when you are being chased." This is a mantra to live by.
  • Kettlebell Swings (without rest) are forever banned.
  • Burpees should never be expected to be completed in less than 10 seconds each.
  • For every minute Tabata Tod arrives after 5:55 he must perform 10 push-ups. The Mayor so enjoys watching Tabata Tod do push-ups. LOL!
  • Eagle Creek Boot Campers that have not missed a day of Boot Camp in 3 months will receive a free Strawberry Margarita on Friday, March 25.
Note: For those folks that do not know how I could become mayor, I had the most check-ins on Foursquare. If you still don't know, look it up!  LOL!

Take Care,

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