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March 9, 2011 - Boot Camp Update

Hello All,

Well, my own mother said to me; "Have you written a blog posting? You haven't written anything about working out."  What?!?!?  I did not know mom even read my blog!  I thought she preferred my sister's dog blog at  LOL!

I had hoped to have a new video blog for a 3 week check-in, but that task is not going to happen. I am more interested in completing my taxes so I can get some money for more exercise clothes. Since I am going to Boot Camp FOUR times a week, attending Personal Training, and training for the Nashville Country Music Half Marathon I am running out of clothes. I really only want to do laundry once a week.  LOL!  So the IRS takes precedence.

I did promise an update so here goes...
Medicine Ball Catch: I can catch the ball sometimes. This is a great improvement over the ball rolling away from me!
Pull-ups: I am going to need to see a video to determine if these have improved. If my new calluses are any indication I am hoping there is some improvement.
Push-ups: PT Bruiser has been giving me a bit of grief on my form, but I can do 8 push-ups in 8 seconds!
Burpees: I cannot almost "ee", but not "burp."
Pounds Lost: My weight keeps fluctuating up and down anywhere from 0-10 pounds lost.  I am having trouble with cutting calories, but my body fat percentage has dropped 4-5% (I think).

The most interesting change is the drop in my resting heart rate.  My resting heart rate has dropped from 72 to 60 beats per minute.  I assume that is a good thing.  My heart is not having to work as hard. I don't think anything has got my heart pumping more than Boot Camp or when the UPS man shows up at the house.  Ha!

Take Care Everyone,
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