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April 26, 2011 - Metamora Towpath 10K - Come Join Me

On May 21st my favorite place to walk will be hosting a 10K. It is known as the Metamora Towpath 10K Dash and Fun Run.  I encourage all of my blog readers to join me for this first annual event. 

I basically grew up in Metamora since my family has owned a store in town for 27 years.  My footprints are all over this trail as it is one of my training grounds for the half marathons. I guarantee you will not find a more interesting race this year to attend.

You will walk/run through historic Metamora passing the grist mill. You will run/walk by one of the only wooden working acqueducts in the US. As you get to the trail head you will pass some of the most beautiful draft horses ever seen. The trail runs alongside the canal and railroad. Eventually, you will reach "the end of the line", but will keep on going until turning around at one of the old locks.  On the return trip make sure to notice the houses hidden behind the foliage and the summer campgrounds hidden off the beaten path. In addition, you will see some very fertile farm ground.

When you are done with your run or walk take time to enjoy the historic sites in Metamora. I recommend taking a train ride and a boat ride to hear more about the Whitewater Valley. Be sure to browse in the shops and enjoy your stay in Metamora. If you are interested, I will even take you on a free tour of the town explaining the town's unique history.

If you are new to walking let me know. You can walk with me and accomplish a new goal (6.2 miles). Just let me know!

As an added enticement, mention this article and get a 20% discount in our family store..Unique Creations (number 28 on the map).

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I hope to see you all in Metamora, May 21st!

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