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April 2, 2011 - Metabolic Effect - Week 1

Hello Everyone,

Well my sister and I are giving the Metabolic Effect protocol a try. Basically, it is a 10 week program where you eat based on how your body reacts to food. I have been intrigued by this for quite some time. Primarily, it is similar to what Dr. Pita (AKA Dr. DeadtoMeNow) had me trying to do, but on a much more stringent scale.

The dudes that came up with it are Naturopathic Physicians and Personal Trainers. A big PLUS. Much like what Dr. Pita drilled into me they believe nutrition over prescription whereever possible.

Much of what I read in the book rings true for me. It explains the lethargy even when I am eating right, the weight loss plateau and then gain, and documented problems with my thyroid. I am planning to take the 5% body fat loss over the past 3 months even further following their suggestions.

The eating plan is relatively simple. I will have to really watch the bad carbs (bread, etc). I can only have 3 bites per meal.  Other than that I will be eating the way the dietary exchanges have me eating anyway. They also have an exercise program that insures quality workouts vs. quantity workouts.

We both begin tomorrow. I will update next week on how we are doing.

Note: I will get the final bits of video for the transformation video blog recorded this week so that the latest video will be up soon.

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