Wednesday, April 6

April 6, 2011 - Near Death Experience at Boot Camp

Hello All,

What a beautiful day today. It was one of those perfect days until I went to Boot Camp.

Boot Camp started out as normal, but apparently Tabata Tod decided we needed to work a little harder. At the beginning of Boot Camp we were doing 5 minute rounds rotating between 2 exercises. Then my day got rough...

While doing kettlebell swings my life flashed before before my eyes (sorry about borrowing your clothes sister).

While doing burpees I had an out of body experience (sheesh...I look like an idiot doing burpees).

While doing push-ups I was beckoned toward the light (I needed my sunglasses it was so bright).

While doing sit-ups a sense of calm came over me. I was ready to sleep. Until Tabata Tod scared the bejeebies out of me and brought me back to reality.

I would have been TICKED if I kicked the bucket the DAY BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY!

Catch ya all later!

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Tonya said...

Hahahaha....I've seen the light too!!!