Friday, April 1

April 1, 2011 - Defending Myself

This blog post goes out to all of you that: 
  • Smile and laugh through anything
  • Talk all the time
  • Racewalk

Ta-ba-ta Tod decided to trash talk me yesterday during Boot Camp. He forgot (yet again) that I believe the pen is mightier than the sword. I feel the need to defend myself today.

He was happy I did not have a smile on my face. Apparently, smiling means I am not working hard enough. WHAT?!?! NO IT DOES NOT! I smile A LOT! Sometimes when I dislocate my knee I smile through the pain. Of course, sometimes I smile in Boot Camp because it is almost over.

 I got chastised for how much I normally talk. WHAT?!?!?! I believe in speaking when you are being spoken to…so I talk back at him. Of course, trash talking prevents me from smacking him on the back of the head when his back is turned.

I also got called out for racewalking instead of running! Racewalking is an acceptable form of warming up before exercising. In fact, because I can do it faster than running, (due to my bad knee) I actually get my heart pumping faster. Many racewalkers can walk 10 MPH or more (much like runners). I cannot run anyway. PT Bruiser would feel the need to show up at Boot Camp and prevent me from running.

Well, I feel better now. This rant has helped.

Of course, there is one last point to make….

Obviously, I WAS working out harder last night in Boot Camp since I could not defend myself at the time.

Til Later,
P.S. I am not quite done with the video.

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