Sunday, February 20

February 20, 2011 - Binging and Exercise

One of the main reasons I started this blog was for accountability. Over time the blog also became a place for people to relate. I am not the only one struggling to do what is necessary to live a healthy lifestyle. Since many of you share the same struggles I wanted to throw this problem out into cyber space - binging.

Some people just naturally (whether nature or nurture) do what is right for their body, mind and spirit. For me, there are a few healthy habits that are now ingrained in my being, but others that continue to allude me.  The switch that turns off my mouth is faulty and needs a fix.

I am at the end of a week-long food binge. All day today I have either slept or ate. I am totally aware of what is going on, but am struggling to stop it. On the flip side, I have worked out rigorously every day as well.  I guess, it is better that I am exercising, but still frustrating.

For those of you that suffer from binge eating, the only advice I have is to be aware of it. While I have not figured out what triggered this particular binge (although I have a good idea), being aware of it and writing about it will probably put an end to it much quicker.

So, next time any of you have a binge, feel free to let me know (no judgements) it might just help to let someone else know.

Take Care Everyone!

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