Thursday, February 3

February 3, 2011 - Do Not Skip Out On Boot Camp!

Hello All, my sister gets on her Wii to exercise and the faceless Personal Trainer asks how I am doing. Apparently, the Personal Trainer accusingly and snottily said; "How is Mini Mii?"  (note: Mini Mii is my name on the Wii...Get it?!?  LOL!) I think this is rather self righteous from a Personal Trainer that has lips that do not move!

Later tonight, I am going to get on the Wii and show it that I have lost 8 more pounds without it's help at all!  Ha!  Of course, I may have to present an indignant note from Tabata Tod and PT Bruiser that I have been working out. 

I know what you are thinking; "Well I would rather go to Boot Camp or workout with a Personal Trainer if the Wii is going to be that rude." Ha! 

In my opinion, all Personal Trainers are just like mothers. They guilt you into showing up for sessions.  For example, PT Bruiser will just sigh at me or keep hounding me with text messages on my phone.  Tabata Tod takes it one step further and calls you out on Facebook.  I present the following evidence from another troop members Facebook wall.


I just do what the Personal Trainers say. It is just easier that way.  It also works. I have lost the pounds to prove it. Ha!

Have a great weekend!
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