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February 2, 2011 - A Shout Out!

Happy Groundhog Day Everyone!

After getting up every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning by 5:00 AM for a month I realize that I deserve a pat on the back.  So...yea for me!  I would never have accomplished this a year ago, let alone, 3 years ago!

My friends and faithful blog readers know that it has been a struggle not only to lose weight, but to do everything to get healthier. Getting healthier not only involves eating the right things and exercising, but also to determine the root cause of the problem. None of us like to feel bad, do we?

It is time I thank those individuals that have seen me through the evolution that is Kristi today. Recently, I sent out e-mails to several folks thanking them for the help they have given. Ultimately, anyone who knows me deserves a thank you.

I primarily am most thankful for those that helped me realize why I gained weight in the first place and what to do about it. I am grateful for the resolution to what might be considered a "mood problem" (their words not mine). I have not had any major funks in over 2 months. My joy in this development is through the roof! I appreciate this more than any weight loss I have achieved to date.

If you have never had the issue I am referring to in your life, let me explain so that you might understand just a little. Some days the world seems better if it would end, but ultimately after a period of time the world is better again. Once the world gets better again you do everything that you missed getting done during the funk, such as working longer hours. Repeat.

Now I find the world is decent most of the time. Sleep is not too much...not too little. Work is easier with not too much and not too little. Getting healthier is easier.  Now I care how I feel because I know what it is like to feel good most of the time.

I thank God every day for bringing the following into my life and give each of them a SHOUT OUT!

Note: These are in no particular order except of course my Sister better be first!

My Sister-She suffers the most when things are bad, but knows exactly what to do during those times.
Dr. Pita (aka Dr. DeadtoMeNow) - He is a royal pain in the butt, but figured out what buttons to push to get me to do the right thing.
Miss Tappity Tap - She listens and gets me to realize what is the true problem even when I do not want to face it.
Clinic Social Worker - She double-teamed me with Dr. Pita and eventually I understood and took their advice.
Dr. Pill Pusher - He kept trying and found the solution.
PT Bruiser - For keeping me on track through it all.
Portia - Takes no crap and tells me to "suck it up" when necessary. She also puts challenges out there for me to reach knowing that I can be competitive.
Food Nazi and May - They listen and do not judge when things are rough,
tAMmy - She is a good healthy-living role model.
Fans - My half marathon fans that come see, when possible, to cheer me on during the race. All of these friends I have known for 20 years and glad that I have them.
Blog Readers and those I have inspired-You mean the world to me, because you force me to stay on track.
5K Friends-Those that occasionally walk 5Ks with me to offer support are priceless.
Co-Workers-For hearing about all of it when I "over share." LOL!
Various Other Friends-Thanks for the kind words of support.
Tabata Tod-For asking me to write about Indy Boot Camps, for without you I would not known how much better I am today.

Til Next Week or Something Funny,

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MissHollywoodJewelry said...

Love it! Honored to be a part of your army! So proud of you!