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April 2, 2009 - Dr. Pita Sometimes Thinks He Is Funny

Hello All,

This is actually an update to the April 1st post. It took me this long to figure out what happened in my appointment earlier today. When I went into my appointment I was not in the best of moods. I really did not want to get out of bed and the last thing I wanted to do was see the Social Worker and Dr. Pita, but I went.

Later in the day I went to acupuncture and it was there that I replayed in my head what Dr. Pita had said earlier in the day. I soooo wish I had been paying more attention so I could have zinged a good comment to his remark.

Dr. Pita had a Resident with him doing his rounds. We shall call him Baby Doc. The following is the conversation that occurred half way through my visit with Dr. Pita and Baby Doc.

Dr. Pita; "Do you mind if I brag on you a bit?"

Me; "No, I am not in the best of moods so it might perk me up."

Dr. Pita scribbles because apparently he cannot do math in his head. I forgive him; he is not an Astronaut.

Dr. Pita; "Kristi has lost 64 pounds."

Me; "Technically 65 pounds, but I gained a pound back. Of course, all in about a year."

Dr. Pita: "But whose counting?"

Me; "Some people have lap band surgery and do not do that well."

Baby Doc; "And you do not have any scars!"

Dr. Pita; "No, but I sure have them."

Til Next Week,

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Anonymous said...


How cute...I am jealous...I think it translates that you are his favorite patient. He is not too happy with me right now...I have got get moving...literally and quit giving into my depression...I am going to his Reduce Stress night on April 9th...

I promise to email you soon to tell what's been going..on..have a great weekend...

Kathy Morton said...

Hey Kristi,
If you ever want to walk again after the mini marathon, and if Bradley does its walk/run at homecoming would you like to walk it together? Something to think about in the fall. Perhaps April would like to drive in from Iowa and join in as well.