Wednesday, April 8

April 8, 2009 - Big Brother (PT Bruiser)

Hello All,

Well, 1984 is here. For those that do not know what I am referring to I give you a few more names/examples for what I am discussing.

*Big Brother
*End of Personal Liberties
*Thoughts and Actions Watched by "The Man"

I met with PT Bruiser (the Personal Trainer) and we discussed what my next goal should be after the Mini. I need to have a goal in place before Dr. Pita asks about it again.

You might recall about year ago I did a Polar Body Assessment. Well, we decided that I will pick something from my assessment to be a fitness goal. More than likely, I will work toward a certain body fat percentage by a certain date. This will allow me to try new activities and do them wherever this summer.

Well, want to know part of the deal?!?!? I get a Polar Body Watch which tracks what I do during the week and PT Bruiser uploads it to the computer. SHE WILL KNOW IF I DID MY WORKOUTS!!! Not only will she know if I did my workouts, but she will know how HARD I worked out. Oh my, talk about accountability. Dr. Pita will be soooooo excited about this one! I may not tell him.

I can already tell this is going to create A LOT of fodder for the blog.

Til Next Week,

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kathy morton said...

OHH Those are pricey! I hope they are loaning you one and not making you buy it!

Anonymous said...

So proud!!