Wednesday, April 1

April 1, 2009 - Untitled (Because I cannot think of a good one)

Hello Readers!
I apologize. My thoughts are a bit fragmented this week.

Well, Dr. Pita was “harsh” with me today about my McDonald’s Cherry Pie eating. Hmph! I guess I deserved that. He mentioned something about my stress levels and my carbohydrate cravings. I should have said; ”Have you met Sam?” I started eating the cherry pies a couple days after my sister left for India and left behind Sam and his two lovely sisters. Now, I love Sam dearly, but he can make ANYONE want a cherry pie...daily.

Sam just does not know how to cope when his Mommy is out of town so he left me “presents” every day. Two to three times a day I would have a nice steaming package.

Now that Sister is back my cherry pie cravings are gone. For those interested in learning more about India feel free to check out her blog here.

All this walking is making me constantly sore and tired. Most days I can push through it, but some days it is a lot harder than others. I still worry about meeting the pace of the Mini Marathon, but I am determined to finish, even if I have to walk on the sidewalk to do it!

I recently encountered a goose that thought he owned the trail in Franklin. After a game of “chicken” with the goose, I learned that he was right! Ahhh, such is the life of a walker.

Due to my carbohydrate cravings and my muscle building I was only down a half pound, but my patootie is in a different place. Seriously! It is a little higher than it used to be. Hopefully, I did not have a peeping Tom outside the window when I figured this out the other day or he would have seen some weird happenings through the window!

For those that have not noticed, I have a statistics counter at the bottom of the page. This counter tells me how people find my blog. Sometimes the results are from Google searches. The following are the funniest ways that people recently found my blog.

*Pork and Bean Cake
*Theme Song for Get Fit Challenge
*Tammy’s New Boyfriend
*Coromega Fans

Til Next Week,

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