Wednesday, April 22

April 22, 2009 - Big Brother Correction

Hello All,

Well, a few weeks ago I referred to PT Bruiser as Big Brother. When meeting with Dr. Pita last week, he informed me that HE is BIG BROTHER, not PT Bruiser. PT Bruiser is BIG SISTER.

So, I spoke with my REAL BIG SISTER and she said she is willing to relinquish the responsibility, but “No give backs!” So, after much thought these are the things PT Bruiser is now/or needs to have in her memory as providing in the past.

*Be able to draw Hollie Hobby (the 1970s version not the new one) whenever I tell her to. It MUST be in blue ink. No other ink will do.
*When she takes me somewhere, MY NEEDS COME FIRST! For example, if there is only enough money for one drink. I GET IT!
*If we are on top of a mountain, in a hail storm, she must carry me down the mountain and cover my head so that it does not hurt.
*Teach me how to drive.
*Listen to me ramble…on…and…on…and…on…about nothing in particular.
*Gripe about/at me, but NO ONE else can for fear of opening a can of whup ass for dissing me.
*Lift all heavy things, especially when I say; “oh, oh, that’s heaaaaaaaaavy (fake tear)”.

In turn I will:

*Remind her that that not only was she an ART major, but she also went to a STATE school.
*Let her think she is smarter than me.
*Feed and care for her animals when she is out of town.
*Hide the bruises.
*Worry incessantly that she is happy/eating/healthy.

If Dr. Pita is BIG BROTHER and PT Bruiser is BIG SISTER does that make Dr. Pins and Needles an ANNOYING COUSIN since all he does is poke at me and then leave?

Til Next Week,


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COL. Sam ASTA-fari Joe H. Pinkerton Peabody, Esq said...

Oh Auntie...

We do enjoy your attempt to "watch us." BOL

Anonymous said...

If only I could draw, I got the rest hands down! LOL!