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April 15, 2009 - The Church and The Train

Hellooooo World!
Well, I have not wrote much about the weekend walks I have recently entered. Since the beginning of the year I have participated in the following events.

Polar Bear Walk 5 Miles
Shamrock Walk- 4 Miles
Will Power Race for Riley – 5 K
Never Settle – 10 K

I have two more races before the Mini that are:
Bricks to Bricks 10 Miler
FDIC Courage and Valor Run/Walk

It is the most recent walk that reminded me why I am enjoying the preparation for the Mini and the interesting people that I am meeting at all of these events.

On Saturday, I attended the Never Settle Run/Walk in Lawrence (at least I THINK that is where I was…I was way out on Pendleton Pike near Ft. Ben). I REALLY did not want to get up on Saturday. I mean REALLY, REALLY, REALLY did not want to go. I was making every excuse possible in my head. I think the only reason I went is because I paid and I wanted my shirt. No one takes my 20 dollars and does not give me a shirt!!!

I did not want to go and did not plan on walking. I know that was my plan because I did not eat anything before the race. I did drink a couple cups of chocolate milk, but that was it. I had a little trouble finding the church because I was looking for an actual church (don’t all churches have steeples?). This is a new church, so it is in an industrial building (of course, not once in the three times I drove past did I notice the huge banner or balloons ).

After checking in, I went to check out the Health Fair that the church was having along with the event in what is considered the church sanctuary. (Note: only the most devoted Sunday School student will understand my joke in the next sentence or two). While I am walking around I noticed some church members that were selling some lovely items that they made (jewelry, purses, etc). It was then that I BOLTED from the sanctuary. I was having NONE OF THAT for fear that Jesus himself would come in and start turning over the tables. I headed outside and started to get ready for the race.

While outside I hung out with my friend Hanover Jerry (he calls me “Girl whose sister went to Hanover for a year”) that I met previously at another race. He only did the 5K (wimp).

After being there for awhile, and grumbling to myself because the music was too loud, I decided I could AT LEAST do the 5K. After some beautiful singing, the MC said the 10K was going to start in 5 minutes so I decided to go ahead and do it since at least it started first (I am telling you my attitude was BAD).

While standing in the crowd of about 60 people I noticed 55 of them were runners. The following are the thoughts that were going through my head.

“Oh great, there are only 5 of us and the other 4 are probably fast walkers. I will probably get lost and have to call someone to come and pick me up.”

“Hmph! Those 2 girls over there are not even going to finish. They have a PUPPY with them. Ugh!”

“Those other two ladies are definitely walkers. They have jackets. Runners don’t wear jackets. Maybe I can keep up with them.”

Well, I the race began and I was doing well. My pace was about 16:30 so I wanted to slow down a bit so as not to tire out my knees, but I was last and there was a POLICE CAR tailing me. Finally, we got to where we could go to the sidewalk. As predicted, the puppy walkers bailed at Mile 1.

Around Mile 2.5 there was a water stop and the 2 other ladies were talking about that they were probably not going to finish. Let me just say, that put the fear in me at that point! I was thinking; “YOU HAVE TO FINISH! I CANNOT DO THIS BY MYSELF!” So, I started talking them into at least going into the park with me since that is where the walk was to go and then turn around.

Well, either my sarcastic wit or my undying charm helped them as much as they helped me by just being there. We had a lovely time talking and made it to the halfway point and the next water stop.

They were still talking about not finishing at the second water stop, but I was quick to point out that they were going to have to walk back anyway. Of course, I did not realize how many hills we had walked DOWN on the way to the park and now we had to walk UP them.

Our pace was relatively quick on the way back until the TRAIN. Yes, a TRAIN stopped us. I thought I took a picture of the train, but it was not in my phone. You will just have to believe me on this. A TRAIN STOPPED US less than a mile from the finish line. For that, I took 5 minutes off of my time!

We ended up finishing in 1:47….CORRECTION: 1:42.

However, my time spent with my two new friends Lynda and Christine was the best part. They were a lot of fun and I hope to do another walk with them in the near future.

Til Next Week,

P.S. I posted early this week, but I will update my weight loss and other stats on the blog after seeing Dr. Pita and Salmonella Sally later in the day on Wednesday.

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Kathy Morton said...

People setting up shop in the sanctuary... were the tax collectors there too? Can Jesus roll over in the grave? Keep up the good work Kristi... you didn't want to walk and you convinced 2 others not to quit. You are your own inspiration as well as in inspiration to others!
If there is a walk in P-town I hope you drive over!