Friday, January 28

January 28, 2011 - This Just In

Now that I am no longer under the thumb of Tabata Tod in my blog posts, let the fun begin now.

Note: Anyone who knows me is fully aware that I was never Tod’s lackey in my posts for I am quite I am an opinionated person (even though my opinion changes by the second). Just ask Dr. Pita, Dr. Pins and Needles, and PT Bruiser.

Well, my freedom now grants me the opportunity to share a painful memory in my first month at Boot Camp. ((Insert sigh and tear here)).

Some of you may recall that my lovely and caring co-workers bought me forty (yes, FORTY) pairs of socks for my fortieth birthday. I believe they did this because it was a way to support my 5K, 10K, and half marathon training efforts. There are all sorts of socks in the bunch. One day to Boot Camp I wore a lovely bright orange and green pair made for a Multiple Sclerosis Walk somewhere.

Tabata Tod poked fun at my odd socks.

Well, my sister brought me a pair back from vacation just for Boot Camp.

Yes, that’s right. They say; “BITE ME.”


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