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January 13, 2011 - Boot Camp Day 6: Physics

Hi All,

One of the exercises we do in an Indy Boot Camp session is a Group Sit-up. I get excited because it is the last exercise of the class!  A group sit-up is when troop members lock arms and perform a sit-up all in a line.

I believe everyone in the class is better at a group sit-up than I am, so I incorporate Physics into my routine.  I get to the end of the line, wrap my arm around my leg, use my patootie as a fulcrum, and depend on the forward motion to pop me into the sit-up. My Mama raised no dummy!

Apparently, Tod of Indy Boot Camps does not believe in Physics and tries to stop me from my testing of Physics principles. Physics is a bad thing to practice when trying to get trimmer and lose weight. Why did I have to take the class in college if I cannot use it in my every day life?!?!  Hmph!

We also did weigh-ins and measurements today. Since January 3rd my waist is an inch smaller, my weight is down 4 pounds, and my body fat percentage is down 1.5%. I am getting results by eating better and attending all my sessions at Indy Boot Camps.

I must apologize, but using the theory of equilibria (my co-workers twisted version of it) the result of me losing weight is causing someone out there to gain weight. Forgive me, but I do not want this extra weight anymore. I have a Marathon to train for this year!

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P.S. The picture is of Sir Isaac Newton

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Anonymous said...

You go Kristi! You are an inspiration as we all begin a new year full of possibilities! Mary