Thursday, January 27

January 27, 2011 - Boot Camp Day 12: Month in Review

I made it a month in Boot Camp! To celebrate I created a list of the Reasons I Like Boot Camp at Indy Boot Camps.

I am losing weight.
I am down 6 pounds (using my scale) from the first day of Boot Camp.

My body fat is shrinking.
I am down 3% body fat.

I am losing inches.
Several of my body parts are getting smaller.

I am getting to work earlier which means I get to leave earlier.
This is really freaky to some of my co-workers. They used to know they were really late if I beat them to work. They no longer have me as that gauge anymore. Good!

I like everyone in my class. They all make me laugh.
Misery loves company.

I sometimes start the day in a bad mood, but after working out at Boot Camp I am normally in a good mood.
Today I arrived ready to either cry or start an argument with the first person to look at me wrong, but by the time we got halfway through the first interval I was laughing and smiling. Sweat must take the bad mood right out of ya!

It is a good addition to my training plan for the Half Marathons and Marathon I would like to do in the next year.
Boot Camp is definitely providing me with greater strength and also firming up my core. 26.2 miles is a long way to go with weak abs!

Reasons I Do Not Like Boot Camp
Sometimes Tod has to be your partner in the Buddy exercises. You see, if another one of the troop members is your partner they will not rat you out to Tod if you are not into the exercise that day. Tod does not take excuses. Drat!

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