Monday, January 17

January 17, 2011 – Boot Camp Day 7: Wii Fit vs. Boot Camp

Boot Camp is going well. I can feel some muscles working better than they have in a long time. I am  also  noticing that some of the exercises are getting a little easier as well. For today’s post I bring you…

Why I like Indy Boot Camps better than the Wii Fit

1)         The first day of Boot Camp Tod did not blow up into a big balloon to show me how fat I am.
2)         I do not have to coordinate holding a nunchuk, balance on a board and touch my toes all at the same time (okay, MAYBE when doing an exercise on the BOSU ball).
3)         Tod’s lips move when he speaks. It freaks me out that the personal trainers on the Wii do not move their lips when giving instructions.
4)         Tod does not get snarky and say things like; “Didn’t really work up a sweat there did you?”
5)         My fellow troop members at Indy Boot Camps do not have freakishly large heads. Seriously, why are their heads so big on the Miis?

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Michelle Hoggard said...

Hilarious! I was so happy when my Mii shrank a bit after a few weeks of Indy Boot Camps. The Wii doesn't say "oh" when I step on it anymore, either.