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January 5, 2011 – Boot Camp Day 2: Indy’s Biggest Loser

Hello All!

I did make it to Boot Camp at Indy Boot Camps again this morning. I know it is hard to believe, but it actually has been relatively easy to get out of bed this week. O f course, getting ready for Sleepy Town at 8:00PM does help! Soon I will be hitting up restaurants for the 4:00PM early bird suppers.

As I mentioned on Monday, I signed up for the Indy’s Biggest Loser contest offered through, and as part of, Indy Boot Camps. It was on a lark that I decided to sign up for the competition. Basically, I followed the mantra “in for a penny, in for a pound.” However, I did not want to spend a pound.

So….I devised a plan.

My longtime blog readers will remember that as part of accomplishing the first Half Marathon I had people pledge to their favorite charity any dollar amount they wanted, but they had to tell me first. In the end I had over 1000 dollars pledged. The reason I did this was to create an insurance plan to finish the Mini Marathon. I had people “counting” on me to finish. Therefore, I was going to finish the half marathon no matter what happened.

On Monday, I had the same anxiety. I needed a motivation to complete, and compete in, the Indy’s Biggest Loser competition. The competition requires a 90 day commitment which is thirty-six 6:00AM boot camp sessions! DID YOU HEAR ME?!?! THIRTY-SIX days over the next 3 months I am to be out of the house by 5:15 AM, at the latest.

Portia was called in to assist. Through much negotiation and selling of my soul to Portia she agreed to the following (my entire original plan that was presented persuasively):

-She paid for the Indy's Biggest Loser competition and the remaining Indy Boot Camp classes.

-After I win, proceeds will be donated to the program Girls On the Run. If I do not win, I have to hand over the money for the competition from MY OWN MONEY!


The next three months of my life are now owned by (not just working hours, but my whole life) by my employer….

If you are also competing in Indy’s Biggest Loser please send me your name and address. As a gesture of camaraderie, I will sign you up for a Dessert of the Week Club (my treat)!

Til Tomorrow,

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