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January 12, 2011 - Boot Camp Day 5: My New Posse Member

Hi All,

For those new to my blog, you may not realize that in order to get and stay healthy I formed an army (sometimes referred to as my posse) to assist me in accomplishing what is required to lose weight and get healthier. My posse is quite large, but at certain points in time I add members or occasionally kick members to the curb. All posse members have differing skills and motivational tools that keep me on track.

Today I am going to focus on Portia and Tod.


Since Portia has a vested interest in if I win this struggle, and the fact that she likes having control, certain rules for my life were put in place as part of the Indy’s Biggest Loser at Indy Boot Camps. The rules are documented on a post-it in Portia’s cube, in her poor penmanship.

Much like when I first started losing weight, I am focused on gaining gems (see My Cup Runneth Over). These gems are actually plastic balls, but the fake stuff is quite lovely!

 I gain a gem when I do any of the following (all rules are subject change without notification):
  • In the office before 9:00 AM.
  • Attend Boot Camp.
  • Bring my lunch (and eat it) to work.
  • Each pound lost.
  • Each ½ percent body fat lost.
  • Have no fast food that day.
  • Attend a personal training session. 
I lose a gem when I do any of the following:
  • Drink a Diet Coke
  • If I am in the office after 9:30 AM.
  • Go to bed after 10:00 PM.
I have no idea why I am accumulating the gems, but arguing over whether I earned gems is a pleasurable pastime. Portia sure does like to be right!


Tod. Poor Tod. He did not know what he got himself into when he asked me to write about my experience at Indy Boot Camps. He was not quite aware how snarky I can be. I also love to take out my aggressions on my posse members. It is MY posse after all. LOL! Fortunately, I have only threatened to kick Tod once. Come on! I KNOW he can do a pull-up! Sheesh…

In reality, Tod is the reason I like Indy Boot Camps. He is motivational without being pushy. Tod knows just about how hard an individual troop member can work, but also if the troop member is slacking. I have pushed myself a little harder than I have in quite awhile. I also have never felt that just because a certain drill is beyond my capabilities that I am an idiot. Priceless!


Welcome Tod. You are the newest posse member! For better….or worse.

Til Tomorrow,
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