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January 3, 2011 – Boot Camp Day 1: The Concept

Hello All!

FCC Notice: As I mentioned last week, I am attending a Boot Camp at the invitation of the owner of Indy Boot Camps (Tod Esquivel).

The last time I wrote about Boot Camp there were a few of you that did not know what I was referring to in my post. I think I should explain the concept of a Boot Camp.

While Boot Camps vary per instructor, or company running the program, Boot Camps are primarily a high-intensity interval workout. The workouts include cardio as well as strength training. During a Boot Camp session most people will burn around 600 calories.

This morning I was up at 4:45 (let me know who won the gambling pool that I WOULD make it on time) to drive to Eagle Creek to take my first session with Indy Boot Camps. It was with trepidation that I entered for I knew what was to happen. In order to gauge the effectiveness and maintain motivation Tod took measurements including; inches, weight, and Body Fat. Fortunately, the scale did not differ much from PT Bruiser’s!

In a Boot Camp you warm up a little and then away you go….and by go...I mean GO!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is not long until you hate the instructor (Tod). Now, in order to not have Boot Camp harder for me than normal over the next week (due to retaliation) , I chose to hate the guy calling the intervals on the recording played during the session. I called him Mr. Disembodied Voice. Mr. Disembodied Voice counts down intervals and shouts out how many intervals completed. However, I think Mr. Disembodied Voice is a liar. I think that he really does not know how to count. Several times I reached the count of 20 before he did.

Probably the exercise that reminded me most that I have a long way to go was the pull-up. I was relatively certain that I was going to; knock the bar onto my head, get a concussion, get amnesia, not remember where I live, and my sister would not claim me. (Insert heavy sigh here.)

I am sure you have some questions regarding how I did on day one. So….

How hard did I work out?

My heart rate monitor snapped off. My shoes flipped off my feet. My glasses fell to the floor. I almost tossed my breakfast burrito onto a fellow troop member.

How much fun did I have?

I had more fun than a barrel of monkeys! Of course, I do not know how monkeys have fun in a barrel, but we will go with this explanation.

What next?

Well, in an impulse move I signed up for Indy’s Biggest Loser. Check it out at  I will write more about Indy’s Biggest Loser on Wednesday, but I do want to say I am sponsored by my employer,
If I win any money (which of course I will) all proceeds will go to charity. I will announce the charity on Wednesday.

Happy New Year everyone!

Til Wednesday,

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