Wednesday, January 26

January 26, 2011 - Boot Camp Day 11: Frustration and Resolve

Hello All,

Yep. Day 11 at Indy Boot Camps.


I wanted to vomit. My knees were hurting. I had a cramp in my hamstring. Tears were forming.  I was frustrated. I thought it was supposed to get easier.

And then....

Mr. Mean Tod stuck his hand out and made me push a little harder. I needed to drop a little farther on a pushup. I glared at that stupid hand and envisioned smacking Tod. However, in an instant I accepted the challenge. I developed the resolve to go a little lower. Sure enough, I did it! Maybe not as far as I was being encouraged, but I accomplished a small instantaneous goal. My frustration immediately lifted.

The moral from Boot Camp today is:

"You can do what you have to do, and sometimes you can do it even better than you think you can." -Jimmy Carter

Til Tomorrow,

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