Thursday, January 6

January 7, 2011 - Boot Camp Day 3: Transformations

 Hi All,

I notice in my Indy Boot Camp sessions that the individuals attending are from all walks of life. There are moms, dads, blue collar, white collar, unemployed, young, and forever young troop members. We unite for one purpose - to transform. The quest may involve the desire to look even more stunning for a wedding, to fit into a size 8, to just plain feel better, or to keep up with the children. 

I envy Tod, of Indy Boot Camp, for getting to see the changes and excitement that take place when a troop member completes a round of crunches for the first time or finally completes a full pull-up. I do not envy Tod for watching when occassionally a disappointed troop member does not make it to complete the month. Sometimes, in any aspect of life we quit when true change is just around the corner.

Today, I make the commitment to stick with the Indy Boot Camp sessions no matter obstacles may discourage me. When I am at my most frustrated I will lean on my troop members for support. I ask that my fellow troop members depend on me when they feel they cannot do one more crunch or those daggone pull-ups. We are in this together. I promise we will enjoy watching each other truly transform both physically and mentally. For change truly comes from the struggle to reach it.

Til Monday,

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